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What Essential Oils are Good for Spider Veins?

Essential oils are extracted and distilled from the leaves, petals, stems, bark or roots of flowers or plants. Essential oils are fragrant, but they have other uses beyond aromatherapy. If you’d like to try a natural medicine solution for spider veins on the face and body, certain essential oils are said to help improve skin texture and may improve your overall complexion, although few scientific studies exist. There are also more effective solutions (scientifically proven treatments performed by your NJ vein doctor) to help erase spider veins. Here, we’ll provide an outline of essential oil options that might help facial veins and skin.

What Are Visible Facial Veins?

Veins that show through the facial skin, especially spider veins, can be annoying because they can make your skin appear reddish and/or uneven in tone. Viewed up close, facial spider veins are each about the width of an eyelash, but these unsightly broken capillaries appear in groups of web-like clusters, making them difficult to ignore. The tiny vein webs, also known as telangiectasia, may be red, blue or purple, so they don’t match anyone’s natural skin tone. These discolored veins typically appear in very visible locations on the face, such as your nose or cheeks. They can also show up on the chest, legs and other body areas.

Essential Oils to Try for Facial Spider Veins

The list of oils which are anecdotally recommended (based on non-scientific observations) is quite long. The best place to start would be oils said to improve blood circulation (rosemary essential oil), ease pain and decrease skin or body inflammation (lavender essential oil) and tighten skin (astringent essential oils, like lemon).

One way to apply the oils is with a soothing, warm or cool compress for the skin (your choice). Mix a few drops of lavender, lemon or rosemary essential oil into a quart of water and soak a clean cloth in the liquid. Apply your compress to the skin for about 10 to 15 minutes. Other essential oils that may help include:

  • Black Spruce
  • Clary Sage
  • Chamomile
  • Ginger
  • Lemon
  • Mandarin
  • Rose
  • Sage
  • Yarrow
  • And more

CAUTION: Essential oils must be diluted for use on skin, as many are very intense–and can be very irritating. Even diluted oils may cause a skin reaction in allergic individuals, so be sure to test on a small patch of skin (inside your elbow, for example) 24 hours in advance of facial use, to rule out allergy.

Get Expert Facial Vein Treatment in NJ

If you are bothered by visible facial veins or spider veins, Dr. Charles L. Dietzek and his team can help. As a board-certified vascular surgeon and vein specialist, Dr. Dietzek offers a variety of minimally invasive vein treatments for all types of veins disease. Contact us at the Vein & Vascular Institute near you in NJ.

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