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What are the Causes of Facial Veins?

Facial veins are quite common, and many of us have them. They can be purple, red, or even blue appearing on the nose, cheeks, and chin. They are essentially broken capillaries under the skin.

Spider veins on the face can form in a web-like pattern, known as telangiectasias. This results from broken blood vessels and presents with a central, red feeding blood vessels with outward growing branches.

Fortunately, facial veins can be successfully treated. Treatments such as VeinWave therapy and laser-based treatments can help reduce or eliminate signs of veins on your face.

Causes of Facial Veins

There are a number of causes of facial veins. First and foremost, you could have veins on your face simply because your mother, father, grandmother or grandfather had them. That is, genetics could play a big role in you having them.

Other factors besides having a family history also can come into play. For instance, drinking too much alcohol can increase your risk of developing them. Having had acne can be a causal factor as can having the condition known as rosacea. An over-exposure to sunlight or wind can also be a contributing element to facial veins.

Lifestyle factors, such as lack of exercise and eyestrain can cause spider veins as a consequence, as can lack of sleep or even how you sleep.

Being obese or pregnant can cause you to develop spider veins on the face, as can having high blood pressure. Some types of birth control pills may have developing spider veins as a potential side effect.

Cigarette smoking is also a high-risk factor for developing facial veins. Not only does smoking cigarettes lead to premature skin aging, it can make more spider veins more pronounced. Cigarette smoking is believed to prolong and delay the repair of blood vessels.

Treatment of Facial Veins

Two common methods to treat facial spider veins are Veinwave and Laser Ablation.

  • Veinwave uses radiofrequency energy to create heat similar to laser treatment without adverse effects on the skin. The effect of treatment is instantaneous, as you will see the veins disappearing right away.
  • Laser ablation technology is especially beneficial for facial spider veins and areas of small, matted veins. Because the spider veins on the nose and cheeks tend to be tiny, skinny, red lines, they respond very well to laser technology.

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