Vein Conditions

Facial Vein

Telangiectasia or broken capillaries can be commonly found on the face. Primarily they tend to be located on or around the nose, cheeks and chin. This is what causes the blue or reddish-pink vessels on the face. Facial Telangiectasia can be hereditary; however, there are multiple factors that can lead to these small spider veins on the face. There are inflammatory conditions (such as rosacea or acne), sun exposure, windburn, smoking or chronic excessive alcohol intake. The common treatments for pesky veins on the face are VeinWave (radio-frequency ablation) or laser. You can find more information about treatment in the vein treatments section.

Hand Veins

Prominent veins in the hands can make them look substantially older, which can age you. What happens is over time skin loses its elasticity and the back of the hands lose their soft tissue volume. The tendons and veins become more noticeable. Areas of skin which receive a lot of sun exposure, such as the hands, tend to show signs of sun damage and aging more quickly. These bulging veins near the surface of the skin can be treated with vein removal or Sclerotherapy. An additional option to improve the appearance of the hands is filler injections into the back(dorsum) of the hands. This restores the volume minimizing the appearance of hand tendons and veins. If your surface veins are cosmetically bothersome, it is safe and easy to treat them. This is done in the office setting with no down time.

Breast Veins

Breast veins tend to become more noticeable and prominent during pregnancy, while breast-feeding, when using oral contraceptives or after breast augmentation. Often after pregnancy or when breast feeding ceases, the breast veins will fade or lessen. In some cases, however, the veins remain enlarged and cosmetically displeasing. With sun damage or aging, the chest wall, breasts and upper abdomen can also develop spider veins, telangiectasias. The treatment for these different vein types is the same as in any other body area. We recommend treatment with Sclerotherapy, foam sclerotherapy or VeinWave depending on vein location and size of the veins.

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