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Should You Choose the Venefit Procedure

When it comes to treating your varicose veins, there are options to consider. Older treatments, like vein stripping, are often still used. However, there are also other choices that are newer and less invasive. One of those newer choices is the Venefit Procedure. This minimally invasive option is far different from vein stripping and can be completed generally in 30 minutes or less. Most people go back to their normal activities in fewer than 24 hours, making it easy for someone to have the procedure and return to work and hobbies quickly.

How Does the Venefit Procedure Work?

The Venefit Procedure is commonly used by vein doctors. It works by using heat and radio frequency (RF) to shrink the collagen inside the walls of the vein. That allows the vein to close up, and the blood that would normally go through that vein is re-routed through the body to other veins that are healthier. Saline and lidocaine are used to numb the leg, and only local anesthetic is used. The procedure takes 20 to 30 minutes, and the vein will not return. It’s absorbed by the body after the lining of that vein is destroyed.

Generally, people who have this procedure at a vein clinic go back to their normal activities in 24 hours, but there are some exceptions for people who work very difficult jobs where things like heavy lifting may be required. That type of work may mean they take a little longer to return to those aspects of their job, but they can resume the rest of their activities quickly. Circulation is improved with the Venefit Procedure, and the look and feel of the leg are also improved, providing better health and more confidence for the patient.

Vascular Surgeons Often Recommend the Venefit Procedure

The Venefit Procedure is a popular choice for vascular surgeons. They can really help patients at their clinics through the procedure and ensure that the risk to the patient is also minimized. That’s good news for people who need to have something done with their varicose veins because it allows them to get through the procedure quickly and go back to living their life while having increased circulatory function in their legs.

Only a vascular surgeon can tell you if the Venefit Procedure is right for you. Many people are good candidates for this procedure, and they like the option of something less invasive than vein stripping. The procedure’s cost and benefits are important to them, and they can get excellent help at a vein clinic where the procedure and any follow-up care can be handled for them easily and efficiently.

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