June, 2015

What to Expect if You Have a Microphlebectomy

June 23, 2015
by Dr. Charles Dietzek

Varicose veins are more than a cosmetic annoyance to some people.  They can cause a considerable amount of throbbing and other discomfort and interfere with daily life.  Patients whose varicose veins are severe have a choice of these treatment options:  laser therapy, sclerotherapy, ablation, bypass surgery, angioplasty and stenting, and microphlebectomy (also known as stab...  read more

What to Look for When Choosing a Vein Clinic for Treatment

June 21, 2015
by Dr. Charles Dietzek
vein clninic

Varicose and spider veins are more than cosmetic problems. They can not only make you feel self-conscious about your arms, legs, face, neck, and other exposed areas of skin, but also be a sign of underlying heart conditions. Plus, more advanced varicose veins can be uncomfortable. What you may not know is that you do...  read more

Why Choose Radiesse® as Your Dermal Filler?

June 14, 2015
by Dr. Charles Dietzek

As you are likely aware, there are several dermal fillers on the cosmetic services market these days to help plump everything from fine facial lines to deep wrinkles in the face. Radiesse® is different than many facial fillers out there today, because it is not a hyaluronic acid product, but instead contains microspheres of a facial...  read more

The Vein & Vascular Institute

by Dr. Charles Dietzek

  Dr. Dietzek: I've been performing vein treatments for 22 years. I'm now almost 100% treating patients with vein disorders. The majority of the time patients are coming here because they have some kind of vein condition. They fall into basically two areas. One would be the medical situation where they're having symptoms: aching, heaviness,...  read more

Cosmetic Doctor: Top Frequently Asked Questions

June 9, 2015
by Dr. Charles Dietzek
vein doctor

When you think of cosmetic services, you may think of hair.  But how to you treat cosmetic conditions such as wrinkles, sagging skin, and folds without surgery or other risky procedures? A cosmetic doctor can provide these services. Juvederm®, Radiesse®, Botox®, and Belotero® are some of the treatments you may have heard of relating to...  read more

Vein Treatment and Aesthetic Surgery in the Same Office

June 8, 2015
by Dr. Charles Dietzek
vein treatment

Thanks to advances in modern medicine, you no longer need to waste time going to two different offices to get aesthetic surgery and varicose vein treatment. Aesthetic treatments like cosmetic dermal fillers and vascular surgery require similar facilities, quick visits and little-to-no downtime, so why run all over town? Dr. Charles Dietzek offers all these...  read more

Advantages of Combining Cosmetic Services Procedures

June 3, 2015
by Dr. Charles Dietzek
Cosmetic Services

Here at the Vein & Vascular Institute in New Jersey, we’re often asked by patients if they can combine cosmetic services in one session. The quick answer to this commonly asked questions is yes. Combining aesthetic services like BOTOX® and injectable fillers, like Juvederm® helps to erase fine lines and wrinkles and smooth out advanced-aging...  read more

Spider Vein Treatment at the Vein & Vascular Institute

June 2, 2015
by Dr. Charles Dietzek

  While there's lasers and all sorts of different modalities out there to treat spider veins, still sclerotherapy remains the premier treatment. What we are doing is injecting one of the veins and then watching where the fluid fills. So, we may see it fill a large area and then we don't need to inject...  read more

Varicose Veins and the Venefit Procedure

June 1, 2015
by Dr. Charles Dietzek

If you have varicose veins, you know you need treatment. Those bulging, dark-blue veins on your lower legs can make you feel embarrassed about wearing comfortable shorts during the hot summer, or attractive skirts to work or to social events. These veins also can lead to uncomfortable situations such as aching and tired legs, and...  read more