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Why Choose Radiesse® as Your Dermal Filler?

As you are likely aware, there are several dermal fillers on the cosmetic services market these days to help plump everything from fine facial lines to deep wrinkles in the face.Radiesse

Radiesse® is different than many facial fillers out there today, because it is not a hyaluronic acid product, but instead contains microspheres of a facial filler material that is made of minerals found in bones and teeth. The material is called calcium hydroxylapatite (suspended in a gel solution) and this filler generally lasts longer than hyaluronic fillers, as much as 18 months or more. Although Radiesse® may be used in some of the same situations as other fillers like Juvederm® , Radiesse® and Belotero® , the products each have their unique characteristics.

How Radiesse® Works

While most other facial fillers work by drawing the body’s moisture to the treated area to help plump up wrinkles, Radiesse® actually goes further. You will notice plumper skin right away with Radiesse®, just as you typically do with any other facial filler. Then Radiesse® begins stimulating the skin to actually create new collagen and add more natural volume to the skin. This stimulating action allows the result to last up to two years in some patients.

Best Uses for Radiesse®

Radiesse® was created to fill moderate to deep facial lines, such as from nose to corner of mouth (smile lines) or from the corner of the mouth to chin (marionette lines). Radiesse® has also been used to fill in bumps in the bridge of the nose, add volume to the temple (at the sides of the forehead), and plump up the back of the hand. In general, Radiesse is often used in facial areas that require a deeper fill and more structure, rather than to fill tiny wrinkles in soft mobile areas of the face. Other dermal fillers are typically chosen for plumping the lips, for example.

Radiesse® may be used in additional areas of the face than those mentioned above, depending upon your treatment goals and your doctor’s advice. Your cosmetic doctor will assess your skin and the effect you would like to accomplish, then recommend the best facial filler for your needs. If there is an option to use more than one type of facial filler in the area of the face you are concerned with, your doctor will advise you of any trade-offs involved in choosing one over the other.

If you are wondering what facial fillers can do for you, contact Dr. Charles Dietzek and the talented medical staff at the South Jersey Cosmetic Center at the Vein & Vascular Institute today. Located in Sewell, Vineland and Voorhees, we specialize in treatments with facial fillers such as Juvederm®, Belotero®, and Radiesse® and muscle/wrinkle relaxants like BOTOX® .

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