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The Vein & Vascular Institute


Dr. Dietzek: I’ve been performing vein treatments for 22 years. I’m now almost 100% treating patients with vein disorders. The majority of the time patients are coming here because they have some kind of vein condition. They fall into basically two areas. One would be the medical situation where they’re having symptoms: aching, heaviness, tiredness or they have skin breakdown associated with their vein problem. The other is the other end of the spectrum which is cosmetic.

Julie: I was just in Friday. I had my second leg treated for varicose veins. I had the first one done a few months ago. I had a lot of success with it. So glad now I can wear shorts again and skirts again. I feel so much more comfortable that I decided to take care of the other leg as well.

Dr. Dietzek: I think the first thing is that we’re dedicated to the treatment of venous disorders and there really is no other practice in the area that is focused to the extent that we are in the treatment of the full spectrum of vein problems. And that’s really what separates us is our dedication to this area of medicine and we try to do an in-depth analysis to figure out what their vein problem is and then obviously treat it accordingly.


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