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What’s Involved in Sclerotherapy Hand Vein Treatment

Do you have bulging veins? Click here to learn how Sclerotherapy hand vein treatment can help and what it entails.

What’s Involved in Sclerotherapy Hand Vein Treatment

Bulging veins happen when you lose some volume and elasticity in the skin of your hands. It can make your hands look much older they they really are. You are left with unattractive, lumpy veins that are noticeable on your skin’s surface. If you are out in the sun a lot, this could happen more quickly.

Hands tend to age faster than other parts of the body, and having bulging hand veins doesn’t help. Protruding veins also become more common as we age. With hot weather and exercise, these veins become more visible. The good news is, you don’t have to have unattractive hands anymore, thanks to sclerotherapy hand vein treatment.

These prominent veins that you see near your skin’s surface are not even important to your circulatory system. In fact, you already have veins that are located deeper in your hand that transports your blood to and from the area, therefore, getting a hand veins treatment for the cosmetic purpose of getting rid of them is safe and possible.

Treat Veins in your Hands with Sclerotherapy Treatment

Sclerotherapy is an effective hand vein treatment. The hand specialist injects a sclerosing solution into these protruding veins, which causes them to become irritated. It also eventually makes them collapse. They are then absorbed into your body and your blood redirects naturally to flow in your other veins.

This hand veins treatment takes around 30 minutes and can be performed right in your doctor’s office. Typically, only one treatment of sclerotherapy is needed to resolve your hand veins issue; however, some might need a few sessions. Since there is usually no pain involved, you will not require anesthesia. All you really feel is a slight burning sensation. For best results, you might need several schlerotherapy hand treatments.

The doctor cleans your hand first with an antiseptic solution and then using a very fine needle, injects the solution into your affected veins. The length and number of your veins will determine how many injections you will need.  The hand doctor will apply cotton balls and compression tape to your injection area following the sclerotherapy treatment.

After your sclerotherapy treatment, you can return to your normal activities and work the same day. You might have to wear support bandages and compression gloves for a few days after your treatment. You may experience mild pigmentation and bruising as well which usually go away after several days. You should have immediate results that become fully visible after three to six weeks.
If you have bulging veins in your hands, contact the Vein & Vascular Institute to discuss sclerotherapy hand vein treatment. We have three locations in New Jersey: Sewell, Vineland, and Voorhees. 856-309-8346

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