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Keep Your Hands Looking More Youthful With Hand Vein Treatment

Your face may be the first thing people notice when they look at you, but your hands come in at a close second – and that means that just like your face, your hands can make you appear older than you are and older than you feel. For most people, prominent, protruding hand veins are the biggest culprit, and undergoing hand vein treatment can provide a dramatic improvement, reducing or eliminating the appearance of bulging, bluish veins so hands look smoother and more youthful.

What Is Hand Vein Treatment?

As we get older, our skin loses a lot of its natural plumpness and elasticity, and veins located near the surface of the skin suddenly become more prominent as the skin around them becomes loose and lax. The hands are especially prone to these changes because they’re exposed more often to the sun, which hastens age-related changes in the skin.

The best way to remove unsightly hand veins is with sclerotherapy, a technique that uses injections of a special chemical solution designed to irritate the linings of the veins, causing them to close off to the flow of blood and eventually allowing the veins to be complete absorbed into the body.

What does sclerotherapy vein treatment involve?

Sclerotherapy is an outpatient vein treatment that can be performed right in our vein clinic. The special solution is injected directly into the vein at different locations using very fine needles to reduce discomfort. Most patients report little to no discomfort outside of a mild burning sensation when the solution is injected. Typically, procedures can be completed in under a half hour. Once the procedure is over, the tiny puncture wounds are covered with a cotton ball and a bandage, just like when you have blood drawn in a lab for testing.

Will hand vein treatment interfere with my circulation?

No, the superficial veins treated with sclerotherapy do not play a major role in circulation. Once these veins are removed, the task of circulating blood in the area will be “taken over” by other veins, so you don’t have to worry about problems with circulation in your hands.

What happens after my treatment?

Once your sclerotherapy treatment is complete, you’ll be able to return to your normal activities the same day. You may be given compression gloves or bandages to wear for a few days. These garments are designed to apply gentle pressure to the area to help speed healing. You might have some mild bruising in or near the injection site, but that will resolve soon afterward. The effects of your treatment may be immediately visible, with complete effects becoming apparent after about a month or so.

Is hand vein treatment right for me?

The best way to find out if you’re a good candidate for hand vein surgery is to schedule an evaluation with our vein clinic. Dr. Dietzek is recognized as one of the top vein doctors and vascular surgeons in South Jersey and the Delaware Valley. His skill and expertise in diagnosing and evaluating bulging hand veins means you can feel confident you’ll receive guidance and care that’s optimized for your needs and your health. To schedule your evaluation, call (856)344-3111 today.

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