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What to Expect When You Visit a Vein Clinic

The purpose of a vein clinic like the Vein and Vascular Institute is to recognize and treat conditions involving the veins. When you visit a vein clinic, you can expect to have an exam, receive one or more diagnoses and prepare a treatment plan.

Evaluating Your Condition

At your initial visit to our clinic, we will perform a thorough physical examination and ask you questions about your medical history and symptoms. Depending on the information we collect, we may also order diagnostic tests. Tests commonly ordered to diagnose vein problems include magnetic resonance angiography, a CT angiogram, or an ultrasound. We will make a diagnosis based on the results of our exam and any tests we conduct. This process may require more than one visit to the clinic.

Preparing a Treatment Plan

After we have a solid diagnosis, we can begin preparing a treatment plan. Depending on your condition, vein treatment options may include:

As we develop your individualized treatment plan, we will thoroughly explain each of your treatment options. After learning about the pros and cons of each available treatment and our recommendations, you can make an informed decision. Next, we will schedule the treatments you have chosen. Depending on the treatment options you choose and the severity of your condition, you may need to return to the clinic multiple times to complete your program.

We will periodically evaluate your progress throughout treatment and make any necessary changes to your program. When your program is complete, we will assess your condition to determine if additional treatment is required.

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Here at the Vein and Vascular Institute, we make it our mission to treat every patient with dignity, compassion, and respect. If you are dealing with vein problems and want to explore your treatment options, contact the South Jersey Vein Doctors at the Vein and Vascular Institute to schedule an appointment.

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