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What to Ask Before Varicose Vein Treatment

Selecting the right doctor, vein clinic, and procedure for your varicose veins or spider veins can sometimes seem overwhelming, but asking the right questions can make the process easier. Because patients tend to forget their questions once they’re in the doctor’s office, preparing your questions in advance and writing them down can help ensure that your questions are asked and appropriately answered before you proceed with treatment. Most vascular surgeons are eager to answer your questions.

Is varicose vein treatment medically necessary?

Understanding whether there may be health risks involved in not treating varicose veins will help you decide whether the procedure is right for you. Ask your doctor if varicose vein treatment is cosmetically or medically necessary.

What can I do at home to prevent new varicose veins from forming?

Your doctor may recommend some simple ways to help prevent new varicose veins from forming, such as wearing compression socks or sitting in a different position. A doctor who is invested in you as a patient will freely and eagerly offer advice for avoiding new ailments.

Am I a good candidate for more than one procedure?

If so, which am I a good candidate for, and why did you choose this one?

When vein doctors make recommendations, patients tend to submit willingly. It’s important to trust your doctor, but it’s also important to understand your options and why your doctor chose the procedure he did for you. Understanding his reasons will help you feel more confident going into treatment.

How does the vein treatment procedure work?

What do I need to do to prepare for the procedure? What can I expect afterward?

Knowing what to expect is vital in entering the treatment in your best health, well-rested, and stress-free. It allows you to prepare adequately for the procedure and the recovery time.

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