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What Services Does a Vein Doctor Offer?

Vascular conditions may be minor cosmetic issues or much more serious and even painful conditions. While a family doctor may be able to treat the minor problems, a vein doctor can deal with most vein and vascular conditions. In many cases, treatment can be performed in the doctor’s office or a vein clinic like the Vein and Vascular Institute of New Jersey.

Vascular Disease

The term vascular includes both arteries and veins. Generally speaking, however, vein conditions are more likely to send you to a vein clinic. Varicose veins are one of the most common vascular problems a vein doctor treats. These can include the small dark “starbursts” of spider veins or the larger, distended varicose veins. Both of these conditions occur when the tiny flaps of tissue in the veins (called valves) stop working, allowing blood to pool in the vein. Spider veins are usually a cosmetic issue and rarely cause other symptoms. Varicose veins can also be unsightly, but they may be painful or even develop into ulcers. Thrombophlebitis is a condition in which a clot develops in the vein. If the clot breaks loose, it can travel to the lungs – a potentially life-threatening condition called pulmonary embolism.

Is a Vein Doctor a Specialist?

Yes, although the doctor may practice one of several specialties. Vein doctors are typically trained initially in radiology, internal medicine or surgery. All follow the usual course of medical school and residency, and many also complete an extended period of training called a fellowship. In the case of surgeons who become vein doctors, the residency usually lasts five years or more. Dr. Charles Dietzek was originally trained as a surgeon, so he could provide both surgical or medical management for vascular conditions (radiologists and internists practice medicine, not surgery). Because of his surgical background, Dr. Dietzek has a unique perspective, although he no longer provides surgical vein treatments.

The Services of a Vein Clinic

Each vein clinic may offer different services, depending on the size of the clinic and the specialty of the vein doctor. At the Vein and Vascular Institute of New Jersey, laser therapy, sclerotherapy, microfloppies, endovenous radiofrequency ablation (ERA) and endovenous laser ablation therapy (EVLT), Clairivein, Venifit, VeinWave and VenaSeal are available. These treatments are all minimally invasive, performed right in the vein clinic and focused on spider or varicose veins. Spider veins, for example, might be treated with injections of a special solution to make the vein collapse (sclerotherapy) or with lasers.

When you need the services of a vein doctor – whether your focus is improving your appearance or solving a more serious vascular problem – the Vein and Vascular Institute of New Jersey is an excellent choice. Dr. Dietzek has the necessary training and experience to help solve your vascular problems. Please contact us today if you have questions or concerns or to make an appointment. For your convenience, we offer services in Sewell, Vineland and Voorhees.

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