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VeinWave: The Banish Spider Veins

New Jersey residents can now easily access the latest spider vein treatment technology with minimal side effects and little to no aftercare needed. Recently approved by the FDA and featured in the media, the treatment is called VeinWave. Used for many years in the EU, VeinWave is approved to treat telangiectasia, which is the medical term for those unsightly and annoying tiny spider veins.

Many individuals are plagued by small spider veins that can mar the look of the skin on your cheeks, nose, legs, and elsewhere on the body. The veins can affect your self-confidence by appearing in webs of tiny lines, in colors like red and purple. You may turn to heavy makeup or avoid wearing shorts to hide the broken capillaries. You’ll find that the latest vein treatment is much easier and more convenient than continually hiding your spider veins.

Let Your Vein Doctor “Erase” Spider Veins Instantly with VeinWave

Now there is no need to take the trouble of hiding spider veins because this newly approved radio frequency vein treatment is quick and convenient, with no downtime required. The VeinWave treatment uses heat to destroy the spider veins, similar to laser vein treatments but works in a very targeted manner. A pencil-sized device delivers the vein-destroying heat directly to the minute areas needed, “erasing” them instantaneously without affecting surrounding tissues. The targeted spider veins are vaporized before your eyes with only the sensation of a pin pricking the skin.

How VeinWave Differs from Laser Spider Vein Treatment

  • Instant results with spider veins gone before your eyes.
  • Quick and painless treatment, even when compared with relatively fast traditional laser methods. VeinWave takes 15 minutes and produces just a short-lived, pin-stick feeling.
  • No risk of skin pigmentation changes, even for sensitive skin.
  • No aftercare or recovery time is needed, so no compression stockings or avoiding the sun are required.
  • Small scratches may appear on the skin where the pencil device was used. These vanish with no treatment required.

This is the no-downtime spider vein treatment that patients with busy lives have been waiting for. You can learn more or schedule an appointment for VeinWave by contacting the Vein & Vascular Institute of Dr. Charles Dietzek, located in Sewell, Vineland, and Voorhees, NJ. Please call 856-309-9777 today.

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