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Sclerotherapy “Hand Vein Treatment “

Quite often, the focus of cosmetic treatments to improve appearance as a result of age or sun damage is on the face. But one of the most tell-tale signs of aging is displayed through our hands. These signs of aging on the hands vary from person to person, but typical signs include loss of volume, age spots, crepey skin, and bulging hand veins.

Fortunately, many of the features of aging hands, like unsightly hand veins, can be improved cosmetically with a hand vein treatment“.

Causes of Bulging Hand Veins

Over time, your skin loses elasticity, as well as some of its volume. As a result, the veins in your hands can look more noticeable, so much so in some cases to make you uncomfortable with the appearance of your hands.

The veins that you see bulging on your hands are generally surface veins, rather than deeper veins. The deeper veins within your hands, as opposed to the surface veins, are the vessels that transport blood to and from your hands. Therefore, if you have surface veins that are bothersome to you from an aesthetic appearance point of view, it is considered safe to treat them to improve the look of your hands.

If you’ve had a lot of sun exposure through the years, the skin on your hands can look damaged and make them look older.

Treatment for Hand Veins

Sclerotherapy is one of the most effective forms of “Hand Vein Treatment “.  The procedure involves an injection into the prominent veins. The solution that is injected is a sclerosant, which eventually causes the vein to collapse. Then ultimately,  the treated veins are absorbed naturally into the body, revealing a smoother hand appearance.

Sclerotherapy treatment for unsightly hand veins is performed in the doctor’s office. It is a fairly quick procedure, taking on average about 30 minutes. While some patients have their hand vein problem resolved in one session, some individuals need multiple sessions for the best results. The number of sessions and length of the session varies depending on the number of damaged veins affected.

Most patients return to their normal activities, including work, the same day after their sclerotherapy treatment. For several days following the procedure, you may be asked to wear support bandages or compression gloves. You might see some mild pigmentation and bruising follow sclerotherapy, but these

Subside in just a few days. You’ll also notice the long term effects of your sclerotherapy procedure right away, the full results are visible within six weeks.

Besides sclerotherapy for hand veins, some patients opt to supplement this procedure with fillers, or simply use fillers without sclerotherapy. These fillers, such as Radiesse, Juvederm or Restylane, add volume and plump up the hands to make the veins less noticeable and the hands younger looking.

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