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Hand Vein Treatment for Unsightly Veins

When you think of varicose veins, your legs are probably the first thing that comes to mind. You may opt for pants or long skirts to cover up those bulging purple veins in your legs.

But what happens when you have ugly veins in your hands? These veins make your hands look unattractive and may make you look older than you feel! But you can’t wear gloves all the time to hide your hands!  Instead, eliminate the problem altogether with hand vein treatment.

What is hand vein treatment?

Sclerotherapy is the gold standard for treating bulging veins in your hands.  The process is easy and can e done in a physician’s office. The doctor injects a medicine into the prominent veins, which causes the veins to collapse. Your body absorbs the collapsed veins, completely eliminating the problem.  You’re left with beautiful, youthful hands that you’ll be proud to show off. But don’t worry— you don’t need these veins that lie on the surface of your skin. Veins that are located much deeper in you hands carry blood to and from your heart.

Is sclerotherapy painful?

Sclerotherapy is not painful. You will feel a stick from the injection, but no real pain. The procedure is quick, easy and highly effective. Most people return to work the same day as their sclerotherapy treatment. You will need to wear a compression glove for a few days following treatment. While results will be noticeable very soon after treatment, it will take about six weeks for veins to completely dissipate.

Other treatment options

While sclerotherapy is the most effective option for prominent hand veins, some patients opt for dermal fillers to improve the appearance of their hands. Restylane®, Juvederm® and Radiesse® are good options to add volume and fullness to your hands or face. These fillers work add synthetic hyaluronic gel to your hands, leaving them plump and younger looking.

If you’re ready to get rid of prominent veins in your hands once and for all, contact Dr. Charles Dietzek for a consultation. Dr. Dietzek is an expert at treating problems with the venuous system. He can recommend the best course of action for varicose veins and broken capilliaries anywhere in your body. Call 856-309-8346 or request an appointment online.

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