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Are You a Good Candidate for Sclerotherapy

There are a number of ways in which varicose and spider veins can be treated. One option that has been in use since the 1930s is sclerotherapy. Unlike surgical procedures that remove the vein, sclerotherapy uses an injectable solution. This is usually a salt solution, although there are other options available. The solution causes the blood to clot and the lining of the vein to stick together from swelling. This is accomplished by allowing the solution to irritate the blood vessel’s lining.

Over time, the blood clot will help the vessel turn into scar tissue. That allows the varicose or spider vein to fade away, and the problem that caused the vein issue in the first place will not return. To determine if you’re a candidate for sclerotherapy, you’ll need to visit a vein clinic and have a consultation. You won’t be allowed to have the procedure if you’re pregnant at the time, but you aren’t excluded if you take birth control pills. A history of blood clots may exclude you, but it depends on how many clots you have had, their severity, where and when they occurred, and what caused them.

Vein treatment with sclerotherapy can be accomplished in a 15 to 30-minute session, and you will be asked to avoid aerobic activity for a few days afterward. Other than that, there are few restrictions or side effects. Some cramping and pain may also be noticed during and right after the procedure, but it is usually minor and does not last long. More than one vein can be injected during the procedure, too, so you may not need to keep coming back to have more veins treated frequently.

There are some exceptions that vascular surgeons will make when it comes to treating veins with sclerotherapy. For example, when a vein is viable for a future heart bypass, they will usually avoid treating it. If the vein has been deemed unusable, it can be treated by South Jersey vein doctors using sclerotherapy. Each case has to be evaluated separately and on its own merits to ensure the right choices for the patient are made every time.

A good vein clinic can answer all your questions about the procedure and other vein treatment options. Vascular surgeons have a lot of information on the procedure since it has been used for decades. Be sure to ask plenty of questions when you meet with your South Jersey vein doctors, so you can focus on getting the best treatment possible for your needs. That can give you confidence in the procedure and peace of mind afterward.

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