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Leg Vein Treatment in the Winter is the Best Time

When to Treat Spider Veins Before Your Wedding

You want to be your best, most beautiful self on your wedding day. Your dress, your hair, your skin, and your jewelry all play a role. So does eliminating whatever may detract from your inner glow. If you have spider veins, there are effective, minimally invasive procedures that will eliminate or minimize the veins to enhance your appearance and boost your confidence for your big day.

For best results, make sure to plan ahead. It may take a couple of months for recovery to be completed after spider vein treatment and for your legs to look their absolute best, so you don’t want to leave vein treatment till the last minute.

Leg Vein Treatment in the Winter Is the Best Time

If you are planning a spring or summer wedding, getting leg vein treatment in the winter will allow for plenty of time for recovery and for spider veins to fade.

When Is the Best Time to Treat Leg Veins?

Winter is the best time to treat leg veins. You’ll have time to recover before it’s time to start wearing shorts, bathing suits — or a wedding dress. To aid recovery, you’ll need to avoid the sun and vigorous activities for a few weeks, and it’s easier to do that in the winter. Compression stockings will also be a part of your healing, and these are easier to hide under winter’s long pants.

Spider veins take a little while to completely fade away. They will be much lighter a month after treatment, but they will still be visible at that time. Complete healing will take place after two months. You can easily cover up your legs until then if you get the treatment done in the winter.

What Do Compression Stockings Feel Like?

Compression stockings apply pressure to your legs. They are tightest at your ankles and get looser the higher they go. They will feel tight, but not painful.

Returning to Work After Leg Vein Treatment

How long it takes to return to work depends on the type of vein involved and the type of treatment you receive.

For vein ligation and stripping, usually performed on large varicose veins, you can usually return to work in 3 to 7 days, depending on how many veins were removed, what type of work you do, and how you are feeling. 

If you get one of the several available minimally invasive treatments for varicose veins, you can usually go back to your regular activities within 24 hours. Recovery, however, will continue for a few weeks, and you will need to wear compression stockings during that time.

For spider vein treatment, down time is minimal, but it will take about two months before you achieve the maximum fading of your veins.

One thing to watch out for if you have varicose veins is deep vein thrombosis (DVT), which is a type of blood clot. It’s a serious condition, and you should contact a medical provider immediately if you have swelling and a feeling of warmth in one leg, pain that starts in your calf, and discolored or red skin on the affected leg.

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