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How is Dermaplaning Different From Shaving?

Dermaplaning is a high tech method to remove dead cells, help rejuvenate skin and make skin healthier. It’s also one of the most popular cosmetic services for both men and women offered at our vein center. Dermaplaning gently sloughs away dead skin cells with a unique handheld instrument, used by well-trained aestheticians at our vein and cosmetic services clinic. Once the dead cells are cleared away from the epidermis, new, fresh skin becomes visible. After our professional skin sloughing treatment, your skin is prompted to create new skin cells. This increased cell turnover makes facial skin look younger, smoother and more even-toned. When your skin needs brightening, consider adding dermaplaning  to your skin care regimen at one of our four vein and cosmetic clinics in NJ.

Expert Cosmetic Services and Vein Care in One Convenient Location

Over our years treating varicose vein patients and banishing spider veins at our well established NJ vein center, we noticed how crucial smooth skin is to most people. The majority of our patients stated that improving skin appearance was a major motivator to seek our expert vein treatments. That’s when we decided to add cosmetic skin services at our vein clinic, so patients no longer must visit two separate doctor’s offices for these closely related services.

Dermaplaning Treatment in NJ: What to Expect

Using a tiny, rotating dermaplaning blade with great care and a light touch, our skilled esthetic expert gently exfoliates your facial skin’s surface. The handheld, medical-grade skincare tool abrades and removes the top layer of facial epidermis. It also removes the baby fine “vellus” hair (which is noticeable and annoying to some people).

Dermaplaning Benefits

This professional exfoliation treatment’s advantages include:

  • Removes dead skin cells that dull the skin’s surface.
  • Speeds cell turnover and creation of new skin cells.
  • Helps remove brown spots.
  • Can make pores look smaller.
  • Helps products (like retinoids and skin moisturizers) to work better, allowing them to penetrate more deeply into skin layers.
  • Provides an overall natural skin glow.
  • Uses no irritating, skin-peeling chemicals.
  • And more.

Why is Dermaplaning Better Than Shaving?

  • Facial shaving randomly removes some skin cells in an inconsistent manner. Dermaplaning is a refined and careful approach to removing skin cells and baby vellus (peach-fuzz) hairs.
  • Face shaving at home is not practical for women and can make facial hairs grow back, thicker and stronger, creating unsightly shaving stubble.
  • Dermaplaning is performed by a trained skin expert. At home, you shave (in a rush, with a poor view of certain areas, using a crude, over-the-counter facial hair shaver).
  • Professional dermaplaning uses a medical instrument and tiny, surgical steel blades. It gently improves skin texture–while shaving is rough and harsh on the skin.

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If you want to look great and feel your best, we can help you–with a single stop at any of our four vein center locations in New Jersey. Get cosmetic services like Botox and dermaplaning plus expert vein health care. Contact The Vein & Vascular Institute of NJ by calling 856-309-8346 today.

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