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Radiesse®: An Injectable for Moderate to Severe Wrinkles and More

Radiesse® is an FDA approved injectable treatment for both men and women who want to look younger. This substance is made of a biocompatible compound called calcium hydroxylapatite, which has had various uses in medicine for decades. Radiesse can make faces, chins, and hands look younger and fuller with only one treatment.

Getting Treatment with Radiesse

Both men and women experience skin aging. Mostly do to sun exposure, the face and hands are likely to age earlier than the rest of the body. In order to keep their younger appearance, many have chosen injectables as an alternative to dealing with wrinkled skin later in life. Wrinkles can cause patients to appear both older and more fatigued, whether they feel as such or not. However, just one treatment of Radiesse breeds long-lasting effects, so those who seek out the injection only need to have it done once in order to experience a decrease in visible wrinkles and an increase in fuller skin within weeks.

Results from injectables vary, and many have one or two approved uses for anti-aging. This is usually due to where the medical evidence says it will work the best. According to a medical study in 2008, Radiesse is a product that has multiple applications with a low rate of side effects. This makes it very compelling, especially as it has the ability to target severe wrinkles. The gel-like compounds in this treatment plump deep lines and wrinkles while also stimulating the production of new collagen.

It can be successfully used to give volume where the face has lost natural fat in order to diminish bony structures. Adding some Radiesse to the lines from the nose to the mouth or the mouth to the chin can restore the face’s youthful look quickly. It can plump up old scars, such as ones from acne, if they have recessed.

Radiesse and Your Hands

Radiesse can also be used for the hands. As people age, the skin on their hands typically becomes thinner, resulting in clearer visibility of the tendons and the veins within them. Often, these veins and tendons even appear to rise up and push farther against the skin than they would in younger-looking hands. Like with facial features, Radiesse helps to rejuvenate the appearance of the hands. Within just a few weeks of the injection, the patient’s hands should look smoother and even decades younger, with veins and tendons no longer poking through the skin as prominently as before the procedure.

Radiesse has the power to be life-changing for people who want their skin to look smoother, softer, and younger. Having a youthful appearance contributes to not only feeling younger, but also feeling strong and confident. If you are interested in Radiesse or want to learn more about what we do, contact us today!

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