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Fight Aging and Improve Appearance: See a Cosmetic Doctor

We all want to look the best we can as we age, but this can be difficult when dealing with challenges like daily stress, environmental pollutants, and sun exposure. All these things can affect your skin—making your skin look older than you really are! Bad habits like improper diet, not drinking enough water, smoking, and neglecting sunscreen can accelerate skin aging. Luckily, there are effective, non-invasive cosmetic treatments available nearby in NJ to fight wrinkles and slow the development of aging skin. If you’re interested in facial fillers or BOTOX treatments, take the first step toward a fresher, younger, and more rested appearance: see a trained and experienced cosmetic doctor at your local South Jersey Cosmetic Center.

Quick Aesthetic Treatments with Little or No Downtime

Your local NJ cosmetic doctor specializes in performing minimally invasive aesthetic medicine treatments with little to no recovery period required. These straightforward, quick, and proven treatments can help you look years younger and even make up for some past bad habits. After all, most of us have forgotten the sunscreen or eaten some junk food at some point in our lives.

If you can correct those habits and take advantage of cosmetic treatments tailored to fit your particular skin’s needs–soon, no one will be able to guess your age! Aesthetic treatments can even give you enhanced cheekbones if you’ve never liked yours, fix a small bump in your nose, and much more. The New Jersey Cosmetic services available at include long-term temporary facial fillers like Juvederm®, Radiesse® and Belotero® as well as BOTOX® to relax facial lines.

Skip the Spa for Cosmetic Injectables: You Need a Skilled Cosmetic Doctor

Remember that although these treatments are safe and quick when performed by a skilled physician at the Vein & Vascular Institute, you should never compromise your health by going to a beauty spa or other facility. These spas may not have sufficient medical expertise and the well-developed aesthetic sense that a medical practice offers you. You need a physician to work on your face for true peace of mind!

Physicians are skilled at performing treatments with excellent techniques to minimize bruising and swelling. And there is no substitute for a doctor’s detailed knowledge of anatomy. The facial muscles are intricately intertwined, and it takes an expert to place injects of filler or BOTOX in precisely the right spot for a pleasing result.

Ready to put your best face forward? Find out which anti-aging and feature-enhancing features will work best for you. Just make an appointment with Dr. Charles Dietzek at the Vein & Vascular Institute for an expert consultation with a cosmetic doctor. We have locations in Sewell, Vineland, and Voorhees for your convenience.

Book a consult and speak to a health advisor today!

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