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Why Do People Get Bulging Hand Veins?

It is not uncommon for the veins on a hand to bulge, or protrude, further out in the skin, especially as a person ages. While this is a natural and, oftentimes, harmless process, it can become a cosmetic concern for many people. In some situations, these bulging veins can also be varicose veins, where there is a risk of complications. In all cases, it’s important to know what’s happening by visiting a vein doctor.

What is Causing My Hand Veins to Bulge?

There are several potential reasons for bulging hand veins. Some of the most common include:

  • A short-term increase in blood pressure and body temperature, such as when working with the hands, can cause a higher amount of blood to flow into the area. This can cause swelling, pushing further out against the skin.
  • As a person ages, the amount of body fat in the area is reduced, this creates skin that’s thinner, making veins easier to spot.
  • Those who lift weights are more likely to have bulging veins as well. This is due to the increased pressure in the veins during heavy lifting.
  • In some people, hereditary is a factor. Genetics makes it more likely to have this condition if a close family member had it.
  • Varicose veins can occur, creating larger and bulging veins (and requiring medical attention).
  • A blood clot can cause some bulging as well, more commonly in a specific area.
  • Vein inflammation is another factor that can cause some damage and create larger, more noticeable veins. This is a condition called phlebitis and often occurs when a person has an injury to the area, an infection, or an autoimmune disorder.

Do Bulging Hand Veins Make You Look Older?

For many people, these veins can make a person look more aged. Because of how thin the skin becomes when a person gets older, it can be common to see these darker colored and larger veins coming closer to the surface.

How You Can Treat Veins on Your Hands?

Vein treatment is not always necessary. In many cases, a person does not need any treatment if they do not mind the actual look of the veins. However, in cases of varicose veins, treatment is beneficial. There are several options that may be helpful for this, including:

  • Ambulatory phlebectomy: This treatment option requires a vein doctor to make a small incision near the bulging vein. This allows the doctor to remove the section of the vein as necessary.
  • Vein stripping and litigation: In this treatment, which is more invasive, a doctor will seal and tie the vein off to close it up. This is often done for very large veins that are a high risk for complications.
  • Sclerotherapy: The vein doctor will inject a chemical into the vein. This causes scarring in the interior of the vein. Over time, it dies off and stops bulging.
  • Laser therapy: The most advanced option is the use of laser therapy, which is a very safe way to use radio waves to close off the bulging veins.

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