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When to Visit a Vein Doctor

If you think you may be suffering from abnormal veins, you are probably wondering whether you should make an appointment with a vein doctor. To decide whether the time is right, ask yourself these questions:

1. Do my veins look abnormal?

In most cases, the first symptom you will experience after developing abnormal veins is a change in your vein’s appearance. Spider veins often appear as small, twisted veins near the skin’s surface, while varicose veins are often larger, deeper, and swollen. You may have developed abnormal veins if you have noticed any of these changes on your face, hands, neck, legs, or other locations.

2. Am I experiencing other symptoms?

Spider veins and varicose veins can cause other physical symptoms, especially when they form in the legs. Some symptoms you may experience include burning, tingling, cramping, itching, pain, throbbing, swelling, weakness, and restlessness. Serious cases of abnormal veins can also lead to skin ulcerations.

If you are experiencing symptoms associated with abnormal veins in your legs, you may notice that these symptoms get worse after you have spent an extended period of time standing.

3. Have I tried to treat my veins at home?

In some cases, you may be able to treat the symptoms of your spider or varicose veins at home with conservative treatment methods. Some of the methods you can use include wearing compression stockings to reduce swelling, elevating your legs, and exercising on a regular basis. If you are overweight, your symptoms may also improve with weight loss.

However, conservative treatments may not work for everyone, or they may not eliminate your symptoms entirely.

4. Am I interested in medical treatments?

If conservative treatments don’t work for you, you may benefit from various medical treatments, including sclerotherapy, laser ablation, and microphlebectomy. Although these treatments are minimally-invasive, they carry a small risk of side effects. Nonetheless, they can be very effective at eliminating the symptoms associated with spider veins and varicose veins. Thus, if you are interested in these treatments, it’s a good time to make an appointment with a vein doctor.

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment with a vein doctor, contact the Vein & Vascular Institute today.

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