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What You Need to Know about Venous Doppler

Venous Doppler is a type of vein testing that helps your vein doctor look at blood flow in the large arteries and veins in your arms and legs. It uses ultrasound, which is high frequency sound waves, to create images visible on a computer monitor.

Vein doctors, also known as venous surgeons, perform venous Doppler to diagnose vein problems, such as varicose veins, and to determine the underlying cause of these vein problems. Venous doctors use this test to identify blood clots, narrowing of blood vessels, tumors and other abnormalities. The test also helps doctors plan treatment for vein disease.

Venous Doppler helps doctors find a number of vein diseases and problems, including:

  • Blockage in an artery caused by a blood clot
  • Blood clot in a vein, known as deep vein thrombosis (DVT)
  • Narrowing or widening of an artery that disrupts blood flow
  • Closing of a vein, also known as venous occlusion
  • Venous reflux, which is blood flowing in the wrong direction in veins

What Happens During Venous Doppler

Your vein doctor will perform venous Doppler at a vein clinic. To perform the test, the vein doctor will apply a water-soluble gel on a transducer, which is a handheld device that directs high-frequency ultrasound waves to the veins. The clinician may place a blood pressure cuff on your arm or on your thigh, calf, or ankle. The practitioner will apply a paste over the veins in the test area. The vein doctor then moves the transducer over each area to create images.

How to prepare for vein testing

You will need to remove clothing from the arm or leg being tested – wear clothing that makes it easy to do that. There are no special preparations for this test, but if you are having venous Doppler vein testing in conjunction with another procedure, your doctor or nurse may give you special instructions to follow.

What to expect

The test is painless and quick – venous Doppler takes only about 30 minutes. Unless you are having another procedure with this ultrasound test, you can leave immediately after the procedure. Your doctor will be able to provide results to you immediately or soon after the test.

For more information on venous Doppler and what to expect, talk with your vein doctor.

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