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What Are the Side Effects of Compression Stockings?

There are many ways to address the issue of varicose and spider veins. Which option a person chooses depends on several factors, including the severity of their vein issues and the recommendations of their doctor. Fortunately, vein treatment choices have come a long way, and these treatments are generally far less invasive than they were in the past. In some cases they are completely non-invasive. For minor cases of varicose veins, or for helping improve vein health after vein surgery, compression stockings are commonly suggested. But these stockings can also have side effects that are important to consider.

Compression Stockings After Vein Surgery

After you have surgery for varicose or spider veins, your doctor will ask you to wear compression stockings. How long you are expected to do this, and for how many hours per day, will vary depending on the kind of treatment you had, if more than one area was treated, and the medical opinion of your particular doctor. Still, compression stockings are common and expected after vein surgery. Most people just wear them and do not think anything about whether they could have side effects. Since they are not a particular treatment or medication, people assume they are completely safe and that they carry no risk at all.

Protect Your Vein Health With Your Doctor’s Help

One of the ways to avoid the need for compression stockings is to avoid vein problems and treat any that appear as early as possible. But in some cases it may not be possible to completely avoid any kind of vein health issues. Varicose veins and other problems can develop even in people who do everything medically right to avoid them. This can be genetic, from the type of job they have, or simply not seem to have any cause at all. If you have treatment for vein issues and are asked to wear compression stockings, though, make sure you ask your doctor about the side effects that could occur so you can be aware of any problems.

Nearly Every Treatment Can Have Side Effects

If you wear compression stockings for too long, they can cause broken skin, discomfort, and irritation. They may also cause dents in the skin where the top of the stocking holds the leg. There is usually a type of elastic there. These dents are temporary, but they may feel uncomfortable until they resolve. These stockings are meant to be very tight, so they are also hard to get onto the legs. Clean, dry legs make this easier, but some people still have trouble getting the compression stockings onto their legs properly and all the way up where they are supposed to be worn. To avoid the risk of problems, you should wear these stockings only as they are prescribed by your doctor.

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