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The Importance of Maintaining Vein Health

Your vein health is intimately connected to your overall health and life quality. That’s the bottom line, but let’s delve into the relationship of vascular health, proper vein function and body function, to underscore this crucial relationship–and learn how vascular surgery can help solve vein problems.

What is Vein Health?

When your veins are working optimally, as they should, they send life-giving (but currently de-oxygenated) blood back from your extremities to the center of your body–your heart and lungs. There, the blood picks up more nutrients and oxygen for distribution to your body’s needy cells. In order to push blood back up towards the heart, leg muscles help, along with one-way valves inside the veins. The valves help stop blood from flowing back downward with gravity.

If you have varicose veins, the valves are malfunctioning, allowing backflow of blood and pooling, which in turn causes veins to thicken, discolor and/or bulge. This common condition can progress to worse circulatory problems. Eventually, this backflow can affect circulation and starve your extremities of oxygen/nutrients, leading to numbness, tingling and even non-healing ankle sores. Severe vascular problems like this can cause infection, mobility issues that can lower your quality of life.

Types of Vein Surgery

There are many options for minimally invasive vein treatment at our vein clinic. If you suffer from varicose veins, spider veins or any other vein condition, one or more may be recommended to successfully treat or banish your vein issues and restore or maintain vascular health. Procedures include Injected sclerotherapy, which irritates vein linings and closes incompetent veins. This allows the body to dispose of the diseased/collapsed vein, and route blood through the body using nearby healthy veins. Other methods to achieve this include laser vein treatment, adhesive treatment to “glue” the vein shut, removal of the diseased vein through tiny incisions, and more.

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