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Should You Get a Microphlebectomy

When it comes to vein treatment, you have a lot of things to consider. The vein clinic you select and the vein doctors you work with will make a difference in the outcome of your procedure. That can also affect how you feel about your treatment. One of the best ways to get good treatment is to work closely with your vein doctors and ensure that you understand all options. Then you can come to your own informed decision on whether to have a microphlebectomy or whether another type of treatment would be better for you.

Vascular Surgeons Offer You Treatment Options

Microphlebectomy is just one of the treatment options that vascular surgeons can offer you. It’s performed by making tiny incisions through which the problematic vein is removed. These incisions are so tiny that they don’t even need any stitches. You can return to your normal activities in a day and wear a wrap and compression stockings for a few days. With almost no downtime, it’s very easy to get this kind of treatment and return to your life immediately. It’s also a safe procedure, done under local anesthetic, and only takes around 30 minutes to complete. That makes it easy for someone who has a busy schedule but still needs treatment.

Vein Treatment is Important for Your Health

Many aspects of your health are important, and vein treatment is definitely one of those. You want to ensure your circulatory system is working as optimally as possible, so you don’t want to have problems starting in your veins. With a microphlebectomy, you can get vein treatment that will help you feel better about your health, and that will help your legs look and feel better, too. Varicose veins can cause aching, heaviness, pain, and itching in your legs, along with a restless feeling. Those can all be reduced or eliminated after treatment at a vein clinic.

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