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Microphlebectomy Basics

Varicose veins are unsightly and uncomfortable. Left untreated, they can continue to get worse over time. If you are dealing with this condition, you may be wondering whether microphlebectomy is the right treatment option for you. Below is some information about this effective, minimally-invasive treatment method to help you make the best choice.

What is it?

Microphlebectomy, also known as “ambulatory phlebectomy” or “stab phlebectomy,” is a safer, less painful alternative to vein stripping. It results in the complete surgical removal of abnormal veins from the body.

How Does it Work?

During a microphlebectomy procedure, a vascular surgeon makes small incisions or punctures in the skin near the affected vein. He or she will then remove the damaged vein from the body through these small openings. After the procedure, cosmetic results are immediate. Patients will also experience a relief of any associated symptoms, such as swelling or pain.

Benefits of Microphlebectomy

Some of the benefits of microphlebectomy include:

  • Immediate results – After the diseased vein is no longer in the body, all of the symptoms it caused will disappear.
  • Minimally-invasive – Microphlebectomy causes little to no discomfort. Although patients may experience some bruising and soreness after the procedure, serious complications are rare.
  • Quick recovery – Patients usually recover from microphlebectomy and return to their normal activities within 24 hours of the procedure.
  • No general anesthesia – Microphlebectomy can be performed in a doctor’s office under only local anesthesia. This allows for a shorter, more affordable procedure and an easier recovery.
  • No sutures – The incisions made during microphlebectomy are very small and require no sutures.

Scheduling Your Treatment

Microphlebectomy is the ideal treatment for veins that are too large to be treated with sclerotherapy but too small for treatment with endovenous laser ablation. If you are interested in scheduling a microphlebectomy procedure, you must first meet with a vascular surgeon to discuss the specifics of your condition. To get started, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Vein & Vascular Institute today.

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