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Microphlebectomy and EVLT: A Good Combo for You?

Although some people with varicose veins can be treated with a single treatment session, many will have several veins that vary in size and “thickness,” often requiring more than one treatment to successfully treat. The good news is varicose vein treatment methods are designed to work well in combination with each other.

One of the most popular options is a combination of Microphlebectomy – also sometimes called ambulatory phlebectomy – a minimally-invasive technique that uses one or more very small incisions along the length of a varicose vein to provide access to the diseased vein so it can be removed using special instruments. Microphlebectomy is used for veins that are too small for EVLT, but really too large to obtain optimal results using sclerotherapy.

EVLT is a different type of minimally-invasive technique that also uses small incisions to enable a laser fiber to be inserted into diseased veins, destroying them with the laser’s focused heat.

Many patients with varicose veins have veins that “fit” into these two size “categories,” and a combination of treatments often is, literally, just what the doctor ordered when it comes to the most effective treatment. In fact, studies have shown a combination of EVLT and microphlebectomy performed in a single treatment session can provide great results in many patients, relieving symptoms that are most common with larger veins while also producing an excellent cosmetic result for more superficial veins.

Of course, combining treatments isn’t for everyone, and you can get the same great results whether the treatments are performed in one session or in two or more sessions over time. And if you have spider veins, you might also want to add sclerotherapy to the mix for a one-two-three punch that takes care of all your vein treatment needs.

Getting truly customized care based on your needs.

One of the major benefits of choosing Vein & Vascular care as your treatment provider is that you get individualized care based on a complete and thorough evaluation of your needs, including not just your vein health but your overall health as well as your treatment objectives. As a leading vein treatment provider in South Jersey and the Delaware Valley area, our practice is skilled in all phases of vein treatment, from initial evaluation and diagnosis all the way through treatment and follow-up, so you can feel confident you’re getting the best possible care for your specific needs.

Eliminating painful, ugly varicose and spider veins begins with an evaluation. Call our office at 856-309-9777 and schedule yours today to learn about all our treatment options and take those important steps toward better vein health.

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