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How to Choose a Vein Center

It seems like a doctor is advertising his or her services everywhere you turn as a “vein specialist”—in addition to a myriad of other services on the menu. Unfortunately, not every physician has received any training to become a qualified vein specialist, and not every vein center offers high-quality care in a professional, hygienic, comfortable environment. So how do you choose the best vein clinic for your needs?

The Treating Physician

For each vein clinic you’re considering, check the credentials of each physician. Many doctors claim to be experts, but only a qualified specialist—such as a board-certified vascular surgeon—has the training, expertise, experience, and equipment to accurately diagnose and treat your venous condition. Even part-time phlebologists tout their expertise when, in fact, they can only offer one or two types of therapy. A vein doctor should be well-versed in many vein treatments to personalize a treatment plan for your specific symptoms, needs, and concerns.

If you prefer doctors who offer cutting-edge treatments, look for a vein doctor who is involved in clinical research. This ensures that your physician is up-to-date on the latest discoveries and technological advancements regarding vein conditions.

Once you’re assured of the physician’s qualifications to treat your vein condition, look at how comfortable you feel with him or her. Is he/she easy to talk with? Is he/she knowledgeable? Does he/she answer all of your questions? You should feel at ease and satisfied with the doctor who treats your condition.

The Vein Center

Overall, the ambiance should make you feel confident that the physician and his or her staff know what they’re doing. Do you feel comfortable in the vein clinic? Are the personnel professional and respectful? Is the facility attractive and clean?

Vein doctors typically do all of their diagnostic work and procedures right there in the clinic, so the appearance of the office can reveal a lot about the practice.

Don’t settle for less when looking for New Jersey vein treatment. Take the time to find a vein doctor and clinic that respond to your concerns and treat you as an individual. For more information, call us at 856-309-9777.

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