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Five Signs of a Great Vein Doctor

You can try to get rid of varicose veins on your own, but these conservative methods are not always successful. Approaches such as making sure you do not sit or stand still for long periods of time, icing and elevating your lower legs and feet, and losing some pounds if you are overweight or obese, are among the common home treatments to try. You may need to visit a vein doctor if these do not work for you.

Once you opt for professional vein treatment, you must decide which vein clinic to go to. This is not a choice you make every day, and you may have a lot of options; following five signs of a great vein doctor can help you narrow down your choices.

1. You like the doctor.

This is the most important factor because if you do not like the vein doctor, you will not be able to trust your New Jersey vein treatment. Whether you like a particular vein doctor can have much to do with your gut reaction. You might consider whether vascular surgeons can answer your questions and explain each step of the procedure and whether you feel involved in your care and respected.

2. The credentials are there.

Vascular surgeons undergo the same rigorous education as every other medical doctor, including medical school and one or more residencies after obtaining their medical degrees. You can also check to see whether your vein doctor is board certified. Vascular surgeons who lead research studies may be more likely to be up to date on current developments in the field of varicose vein treatment.

3. The doctor has the required experience.

When performing techniques that require fine technique with the hands, experience is a significant benefit in New Jersey vein treatment. Delicate techniques in vein treatment include injecting veins with a special solution in sclerotherapy and placing catheters in veins in laser-based methods. Vein doctors who do vein treatment exclusively may be more tuned in to such techniques than those who treat other conditions as well.

4. Everyone else likes the vein doctor.

From your in-person contacts to online anonymous reviews, people’s opinions matter. Going to the same doctor who treated a satisfied coworker or friend could give you confidence. Online reviews can always include unfairly low ratings from cranks and artificially high ratings from the vein doctor’s friends, but on the whole, they can give you fairly accurate pictures of doctors that you are considering.

5. The doctor has a good staff and facilities.

You do not deal with vascular surgeons in a vacuum, so the best vein doctor for you is one whose staff and facilities are good for you. Staff should be friendly and professional, while the vein clinic should be attractive and in a good location to visit as often as necessary.

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