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Dr. Dietzek Treats Varicose Veins on Channel 6 ABC



Male: …in this country who suffer from varicose veins. You may not be too thrilled to show off your legs. Alicia Vitarelli is here tonight with a hopeful solution.

Alicia: Yes, and relief for a lot of people who will be watching this. A quick, easy and proven new way to finally get rid of those varicose veins. Meet a few women who say they are finally thrilled to step into their summer clothing and show off those gams because the unsightly veins are now a thing of the past.

Female: Michelle Medina and Kelly Kobe don’t know each other but they have something in common.

Michelle: They were like 3D.

Kelly: It looks really ugly.

Female: Both suffer from varicose veins, made worse by multiple pregnancies and standing for long hours on their feet at work.

Michelle: It was so painful to walk.

Kelly: The leg gets very swollen. There is also a lot of itching

Female: Varicose veins are a medical condition and they only worsen if left untreated. Healthy veins push blood back to your heart, but varicose veins are diseased and push blood in both directions causing that swollen painful bulging. In the past, removing the vein or vein stripping was the only course of action available, requiring surgery and weeks of recovery.

Dr. Dietzek: With the Venefit procedure, we’re able to insert this catheter into that abnormal vein through a needle stick.

Female: The catheter heats the wall of the vein causing it to shrink and to seal closed.

Dr. Dietzek: So what we’re doing is we’re shutting off this vein.

Female: The blood will then reroute itself to other healthy veins.

Dr. Dietzek: That’s it.

Female: The Venefit procedure only takes about 15 minutes, doesn’t require anesthesia and the patient can go about their day right away.

Dr. Dietzek: There’s no down time, which is the dramatic difference.

Female: Michelle had her procedure three months ago, her before and after pictures are pretty amazing.

Michelle: I love it. My veins are like 90% gone.

Female: Dr. Dietzek says patients should feel symptom relief almost instantly. The cosmetic benefits take a few weeks.

Kelly: The pain and the swelling have improved tremendously, instant.

Female: If you don’t have varicose veins, but you’re prone to them, there are things you can do to help prevent them.

Dr. Dietzek: By exercising on a regular basis we’re going to get that venous blood out of the extremity.

Female: Also elevate your feet at the end of the day, above your heart for about 15 to 20 minutes. Wear compression stockings and eat foods that contain bioflavonoids like green leafy vegetables.

Dr. Dietzek: Fruits that are red, purple or blue are ones that have a lot of bioflavonoids.

Female: Also make sure to eat a diet high in fiber. Supplements can also help with vein health. Look for diosmin, horse chestnut extract, or butchers brew, or simply rub your legs with witch hazel at the end of the day to lessen any symptoms. After the Venefit procedure, Michelle says she can’t stop smiling and is even trying to encourage family members to get it done.

Michelle: My mom needs it done and my sisters.

Alicia: Well, a lot of my friends on Facebook and twitter today are saying, it looks painless but how painless is it to your wallet? Well, here’s the good news, because varicose veins are considered a medical condition, many insurance companies cover all or part of the Venefit procedure. You just have to check with your personal provider. We have more information on varicose veins and these treatment options on our website, so break out the shorts.

Male: Alicia, thank you.


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