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Does Your Insurance Cover Vein Doctor Visits?

Because health insurance typically doesn’t cover ALL vein treatments, it’s easy to be confused about which treatments they do cover. A general rule of thumb is that seeing your vein doctor for cosmetic treatments probably isn’t covered, while medically necessary treatments are. Most insurance companies follow the guidelines listed below; contact your insurance company to ensure you know exactly what procedures they cover and how much they’ll pay.

* Spider vein treatments – These small veins may look unsightly, but they do not pose any medical threats. Insurance companies usually consider these cosmetic treatments and will not pay for them.

* Varicose vein treatments Varicose veins are more serious than spider veins, causing such symptoms as aching, heaviness, throbbing, burning, swelling, itching, and/or fatigue. These symptoms and the potential for bleeding from varicose veins or blood clots in varicose veins are often covered under insurance as a medical issue. Insurance providers may require your vein clinic to document the problem with your veins by performing a Doppler ultrasound on your legs while standing up.

* Conservative vein treatments – Some insurance companies require you to undergo a “trial of conservative therapy,” with proof that it didn’t work before they approve vein treatment. In most cases, this means wearing compression stockings for up to 6 to 12 weeks. Upon receiving documentation from your vascular surgeons that this approach failed to improve your medical condition, they should approve more aggressive procedures.

* Aesthetic treatments Cosmetic services designed to enhance your appearances, such as Botox®, Juvéderm®, Radiesse®, and Belotero®, are typically not covered by insurance.

To avoid last-minute surprises, ask your South Jersey vein doctors about the costs of any treatment options that you are considering. Then, contact your insurance provider to determine how much they will pay. We accept most major insurance plans, although you may be responsible for a co-pay and deductible. We also work with Care Credit to help you arrange to finance if so desired.

Your health, well-being, and self-image are important to us. Don’t let financial worries prevent you from getting the care you need. For more information, call us at 856-309-9777 today!

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