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Comparing Your Spider Vein Treatment Options

If you are suffering from spider veins, you don’t have to feel hopeless. Several different spider vein treatment options are available to help you improve the symptoms of this condition. Below is some basic information about these spider vein treatment options.

What Are Spider Veins?

Spider veins are thin blood vessels that are easily visible beneath the skin’s surface. They are often twisted, and they tend to appear in web-like patterns. Spider veins may appear anywhere on the body, but they are most common on the legs and face. Although some patients experience no other symptoms, others may notice burning, aching, cramping, tingling and other uncomfortable sensations in the affected area. Spider veins can develop in anyone. However, risk factors for this condition include age, pregnancy, obesity, heredity, hormonal imbalances and spending a significant amount of time on your feet.

What Treatments are Available?

The two most common treatments for spider veins are pulsed light therapy and sclerotherapy. Pulsed light therapy, which may also be referred to as “laser ablation,” uses laser technology to improve the appearance of spider veins. During the procedure, laser energy is directed at the spider veins from above the skin’s surface. This procedure is best for smaller veins.

Sclerotherapy, on the other hand, is slightly more invasive. During this procedure, the surgeon inserts a thin needle into the affected vein and injects it with a specialized solution. This solution causes the vein to collapse. Sclerotherapy can be used to treat larger spider veins, as well as some varicose veins.

What Treatment is Best for Me?

The treatment that is best for you will depend on the specifics of your condition, as well as your treatment goals. To find the right treatment, begin by making an appointment with a vein doctor. A qualified vein doctor will be able to perform an exam, review your history and recommend the procedure that will give you the best results.

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