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An Experienced Vein Doctor Can Help Eliminate Vein Problems

Many individuals suffer from vein problems that make summer a time of self-consciousness and embarrassment. Varicose veins are large, raised twisted blood vessels that often appear in the legs and show a blue or purple-ish color on the surface of the skin. They are caused by the backup of blood within the veins and can be very uncomfortable. Spider veins are also caused by a backup of blood within the veins, but they are smaller, closer to the skin’s surface and reddish in color. Reticular veins are smaller than varicose veins, but are larger than spider veins. They occur deeper within the skin and have a blue-ish appearance. All of these problems can cause individuals to feel uncomfortable in revealing clothing that is commonly worn in the summertime. Fortunately, a number of remedies are available for problem veins, so you can feel more attractive and more confident.

Vein & Vascular Institute in New Jersey Offers Treatments for Vein Problems

The Vein & Vascular Institute in New Jersey offers a number of treatments to help individuals with varicose, spider and reticular vein problems. Surgery is available for severe vein problems, in which part of the vein is removed, and the blood is directed to adjacent blood vessels. For smaller vein problems, sclerotherapy is used, which uses a variety of liquids that irritate the inner lining of the vein and cause the vein to collapse. The collapsed vein is then absorbed, and surrounding blood vessels take on the task of carrying blood through the body. Ultrasound is often used to guide the process of treating veins. Laser therapy uses high-energy light to close off the veins, in a more non-invasive procedure than surgery. Radio-frequency energy can also be used for this process. With no many treatments available, there’s no reason for anyone to suffer from unsightly, uncomfortable vein problems. An experienced vein doctor can determine the right procedure for your needs.

Make Vein & Vascular Institute Your Vein Doctor

Dr. Dietzek and the friendly staff at Vein & Vascular Institute take great pride in serving the needs of their patients in Lumberton, Sewell, Vineland and Voorhees. We offer a variety of services, including surgery and treatments for varicose vein, spider veins and reticular veins. We also provide aesthetic treatments, such as facial peels, Botox, and a number of dermal fillers. Call Vein & Vascular Institute today at 456-344-3111 for an appointment at one of our 4 locations to discuss how you can look your best this summer

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