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Outdoor Recreational Exercises That Help Varicose Veins

Exercise has many benefits, and improving cardiovascular circulation is one of the main ones. Because of this benefit, regular exercise can help alleviate varicose vein symptoms and minimize their appearance. If you suffer from varicose veins, here are some of the best outdoor recreational exercises that could help them.

Fun Activities That Help Varicose Veins

In general, low-impact activities that get your legs moving help minimize varicose vein symptoms and appearance. This is good news for many men and women who have varicose veins, as low-impact activities are often ones that can be done well into old age.

A few particular low-impact activities that will get you outdoors and having fun are:

  • Hiking: Hiking is a great option when you have some time to get away and explore the great outdoors. It’ll have your legs moving more than they normally do, and you’ll be rewarded with scenery that you wouldn’t normally see. While steep mountain trails are certainly good candidates, a hike doesn’t have to be hard to help varicose veins. Even a short and easy hike through the woods can work wonders.
  • Walking: Walking has multiple benefits when it becomes a daily habit. As far as varicose veins go, the simple movement will help at least slow the progression of the condition. It’s especially important to go for a walk if you work at a desk or have a mostly sedentary lifestyle.
  • Swimming: Swimming is truly a lifelong activity for many, as it’s possible to go swimming even after jogging, hiking or biking becomes too hard on the knees. What type of stroke you do doesn’t matter, so long as your moving your legs. Even simply walking in waist-deep water will be effective.
  • Biking: Biking is another activity that’s especially low impact, and it gives you a much farther range than any of these other activities. Make biking part of your regular routine (e.g. commute by bike), or go on weekend rides. You’ll benefit either way.
  • Yoga: Whether you do intensive yoga or take a more relaxing approach, yoga poses will have your legs moving in different ways that stretch them out and get the muscles working. The right poses can alleviate a lot of stiffness, and they’ll help improve your circulation.

Exercises That Harm Varicose Veins

While many activities are beneficial for varicose veins, a couple of activities actually do more harm than good:

  • Running: Although running is great for cardiovascular health, the heavy impact on your legs isn’t good for them or varicose veins. If you have significant or painful veins, consider switching to a more friendly option listed above.
  • Weight Lifting: Lifting weights puts added stress on the walls within veins, and this can cause veins to bulge more. If you must lift, go for lighter weights and work cardiovascular exercises into your regimen.

Does Working Out Get Rid of Varicose Veins?

Working out doesn’t get rid of varicose veins and can actually make them worse. The stress that’s placed on vein walls can further exacerbate a varicose vein condition.

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