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Will BOTOX® Work for Me?

BOTOX® is a commonly-requested procedure that can treat certain types of wrinkles and other medical conditions. However, BOTOX® is not appropriate for everyone. To find out if BOTOX® is right for you, consult the information below.

What is BOTOX®?

BOTOX® is a cosmetic treatment involving injecting a highly purified protein into the skin. It is typically administered by a physician, and it is delivered via a very fine needle. The procedure takes only a few minutes to complete and can be performed in your doctor’s office. No anesthetic is required, and you can resume your usual activities immediately after the procedure. Because the needle is so small, scarring and bruising are virtually nonexistent.

BOTOX® works by relaxing the muscles that are responsible for causing certain wrinkles. Although this effect is not permanent, it will be long-lasting. If wrinkles return or new wrinkles develop, you may be able to repeat treatment with BOTOX® in the future.

What does BOTOX® Treat?

This treatment method is appropriate for certain types of facial and neck wrinkles. It can also treat some medical conditions, such as excessive sweating. Talk to a qualified doctor to find out if BOTOX® will successfully treat your issues.

When do Results Appear?

After BOTOX® injections, you will begin to see results within 24 hours. Wrinkles will continue to improve over the next five days.

Am I a Candidate for BOTOX®?

You may be a candidate for BOTOX® if you are interested in enhancing your appearance by eliminating or reducing the appearance of some of your wrinkles. In order to be cleared for treatment with BOTOX®, you must also be in good health and not have any neuromuscular disorders. BOTOX® is not appropriate for people who are pregnant or nursing.

How do I Learn More?

To learn more about treatment with BOTOX® or to schedule an appointment, contact the Vein & Vascular Institute today.

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