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Restore A Youthful Look with Juvederm®

Aging is inevitable, but getting older doesn’t mean you have to look your age. Although genetics is one of the most important factors in skin aging, a healthy diet, proper skin care, sun protection and avoiding tobacco products can all help stave off changes. Should you decide you want a little help in this area, turn to Dr. Charles Dietzek of the Vein and Vascular Institute of New Jersey. Among the cosmetic procedures Dr. Dietzek offers to help skin look younger is Juvederm®.

Skin Aging and Juvederm®

Despite jokes about middle-aged spread, the face actually loses fat as people age. The layer of fat just under the skin is what provides the smooth, plump look associated with youth. Once the fat is gone, the muscles under the skin are closer to the surface, and as the skin stretches and become less resilient, wrinkles like crows feet or smile lines begin to appear. Juvederm® can help replace lost subcutaneous fat and create a more youthful appearance.

About Dermal Fillers Like Juvederm®

Dermal fillers are substances used to treat facial wrinkles and lines. Skin and dermal mean the same thing, while a filler is exactly what it sounds like: it fills or increases volume under the skin where subcutaneous fat has melted away. Dermal fillers are used to increase the volume of your lips, soften facial creases and decrease wrinkles. Juvederm® may also be used to lift and enhance the appearance of a scar. It can be used alone or in combination with other cosmetic procedures like Botox, chemical peels or a face lift.

What is Juvederm®?

The original Juvederm® and two newer forms — Juvederm® Ultra and Juvederm® Ultra Plus — are FDA-approved gels that contain the local anesthetic lidocaine. Rather than a separate injection of lidocaine and a 30-minute wait for it to take effect, these treatments can be injected directly under the skin, which shortens the procedure time because the lidocaine spreads across the treatment area in seconds. All Juvederm® products contain hyaluronic acid, a naturally-occurring substance found in healthy skin that provides the smooth, plump look of youth. Juvederm® Ultra and Juvederm® Ultra Plus are used for deeper, more severe wrinkles.

Juvederm® Treatment

Juvederm® treatment is an office-based procedure and it’s quick — about 15 minutes and no downtime afterward. The physician will clean your skin and inject the gel using a tiny needle. Side effects, if they occur at all, are usually minimal and include allergic reactions, swelling or bruising as well as tenderness in the treated area. Most treatments last six to nine months, and can last longer if you have a follow-up treatment a few weeks after the initial treatment.

Contact us today at the Vein and Vascular Institute of New Jersey for your free skin consultation and to discuss treatment with Juvederm® or other procedures. We can help your skin look younger and improve your appearance, often in a very short time.

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