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Juvederm®: Rejuvenate Your Look for the Holidays

If you’ve wanted to try Juvederm® facial filler to reduce signs of aging and restore lost volume to your face, there’s no better time than during your vacation or the holiday season. If you’ve already experienced the skin-plumping effects of Juvederm®, the holidays can provide an excellent opportunity to get a retouch or try a new area. If you commonly get this popular, safe and effective facial filler in your lips but have always wanted to plump your cheeks, there is no better time to do so. Discuss your wishes with your cosmetic doctor and learn about the results you can expect.

Now is the Time to Try Juvederm®

During a holiday, your schedule tends to change, and you may have vacation time coming. These schedule changes give you a chance to try the number one facial filler without being concerned that co-workers, who see you every day, might notice a sudden difference in your look or that a bruise might appear.

Typically, these issues are nothing to worry about with a reputable cosmetic center, as many people receive Juvederm® on their lunch break. However, if you’ve been hesitating to try facial filler, this could be a great time to get treatment and reassure yourself about the immediate aftereffects, which are generally terrific. Once you discover how simple and painless facial filler treatment can be, you can schedule a retouch every 3 to 6 months or so with complete confidence, even in the midst of a work day.

Facial Filler Success: See an Experienced Cosmetic Doctor

Juvederm® treatments are now quite common, and not only among women. Both women and men get facial filler treatments and have a very high satisfaction rate. Most patients (who see an experienced cosmetic doctor) find that other people in their lives notice that they look great or appear more rested after treatment. Even the people closest to you, such as a significant other, are often unable to pinpoint exactly what has improved. In fact, co-workers and friends often think you’ve done something with your hair.

If you’ve been contemplating a facial filler treatment or other cosmetic services like BOTOX®, seize the moment. Contact us in the aesthetic services department at the Vein & Vascular Institute of Dr. Charles Dietzek to learn more about facial fillers. Dr. Dietzek offers three NJ locations for your convenience, so make your appointment today online–or call us at 856-309-9777.

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