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Is Botox® Toxic? This and 4 Other Myths Debunked

If you ask your friends and family about Botox®, you will likely get many different opinions.

“It’s poison!”

“You’ll get addicted to it!”

“You’ll end up looking like the Joker!”

These statements aren’t true. Botox® is a very safe, scientifically proven way to improve the look of facial wrinkles and lines. Women and men have used it for years to freshen their appearance and maintain a youthful look. Even so, many people are fearful of using it and similar products.

Let us debunk some common myths about the product to prove it’s safe and effective.

Myth #1: Botox® is toxic to your body.

It’s true that Botox® is derived from botulinum toxin, a type of bacteria that lives in poorly preserved foods and can cause food poisoning. But Botox® is quite safe to put in your body. The concentration of the toxin is very low, and it’s administered with pinpoint accuracy into a very specific set of muscles.

Therefore, the product is incapable of spreading to other areas of the body that could pose a danger.

Myth #2: It causes facial distortions.

When administered by a qualified physician at a cosmetic center, you have a natural-looking, youthful appearance. An overdose of Botox® into your facial muscles might cause an unwanted appearance. That’s why it’s important to let a highly experienced cosmetic doctor like Dr. Dietzek conduct the treatment.

Myth #3: It’s addictive.

You may become addicted to how you look after treatment, but the product itself is not addictive. Botox® is eliminated from your body three-to-six months after treatment. At that point, you’ll probably want to come in for more injections so you can continue to look your best, but it won’t be because your body physically needs more.

Myth #4: The injections hurt.

It’s natural to associate needles with pain, but these injections result in only mild discomfort. Most people who’ve had Botox® say the injection feels like a mosquito bite. But if you’re really uncomfortable, a topical anesthetic can be used to dull the sensation.

Myth #5: It’s only for middle-aged women.

Anyone over the age of 18 can receive treatments with facial rejuvenators and dermal fillers like Botox®, Juvederm®, Radiesse® or Belotero®. People of any age or gender can develop fine lines and wrinkles on their faces, and these products offer highly effective methods to diminish their appearance.

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