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Botox in Your 20s Prevents Wrinkles in the Future

Is an ounce of BOTOX® worth a pound a cure? Some young adults certainly think so.

More and more younger people are getting Botox injections these days. But it’s not necessarily because they have wrinkles or fine lines. Rather, they’re looking to Botox as a means to keep deep wrinkles from forming.

Studies have shown that preventative Botox helps maintain your skin’s condition and keeps wrinkles from getting too bad.

It doesn’t take much treatment either. A few injections a couple of times a year in your forehead, middle brow and on the sides of your eyes will help your skin look younger longer. If you wait for wrinkles to appear, it’s harder to reverse the damage.

That’s because it’s a lot easier to keep damage from happening than to reverse it after it has occurred. When you minimize the formation of deep wrinkles over a period of years, you’ll find your skin ends up looking much better than the skin of someone the same age. You won’t have the expression lines and forehead wrinkles that come as a normal part of aging.

BOTOX® as a preventative cosmetic treatment

Several scientific studies prove it. In one study conducted at UCLA, researchers compared identical twin sisters, one of whom used BOTOX® as a regular cosmetic treatment and the other who did not. Over the course of 15 years, the sister who used Botox had a smoother forehead and fewer expression lines than her twin.

Another commentary co-authored by Dr. Kenneth Arndt says it’s never too early for Botox.

“The etched-in lines on the face that emerge over time are caused by repeated folding of the skin and include lines of facial expression and sleep lines. Repeated contraction of facial expression muscles eventually results in frown lines, horizontal forehead lines, and crow’s feet. The pattern of lines observed with a smiling expression in young adulthood predicts the unique pattern of facial wrinkling that will be seen without expression years later,” he wrote in a November 2013 issue of JAMA Dermatology.

“If the actions of the muscles of facial expression are diminished, the lines on the face that are interpreted as aging, tiredness or anger simply will not form,” he wrote.

Is Botox right for you?

Botox is approved for use in adults older than 18. If you’re starting to see wrinkles or lines on your forehead or around/between your eyes, you may want to consider preventative treatment. To learn more, please contact us today for a consultation.


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