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6 Questions to Ask Before Selecting a Cosmetic Doctor

If you do a Google search, you’ll find tons of medispas, laser centers, plastic surgery centers and doctor’s offices that offer Botox®, injectables and dermal fillers. So how do you know which cosmetic doctor to choose? Here are some questions to ask.

1. Does the cosmetic doctor provide industry recognized safety measures?

True, adverse reactions are rare, but they can occur. Make sure the provider you choose has medication on hand to reverse dermal fillers in the event of an allergic reaction.

2. Does the doctor stay up-to-date?

Aesthetic medicine is always evolving so make sure the provider you choose regularly attends educational conferences and seminars. You don’t want a provider who relies on outdated methods and isn’t aware of the most current approaches.

3. Are their prices extreme?

If a provider’s prices are very high, it could indicate he or she is attempting to cover unrelated expenses related to the practice. Very low prices could mean the provider is just beginning or offers a subpar product. Look for a provider whose prices are reasonable and in line with similar clinics.

4. Does the practitioner spend quality time with you?

You don’t want your provider to rush through a service or neglect to spend time answering your questions. Even if your treatment only takes a few minutes, the provider should ensure your questions and concerned are addressed.

5. Are their office hours convenient?

Make sure the office has hours when it’s convenient for you to stop by for touch ups and additional treatments. If a cosmetic doctor is only available a few hours a week, it will be difficult to maintain your youthful appearance.

6. Do you feel pressured to buy?

Some of the larger, corporate clinics and medspas push services while offering attractive “financing” plans to clients. Oftentimes, clients often buy services they don’t really need or treatments that don’t work as promised. Obtaining services may not be as convenient as promised, and clients may not be allowed to see the same provider for each treatment. That makes getting consistent results impossible. Plus, if you miss a payment, the associated fees can be exorbitant. Never pay for packages offered by salesperson. Only pay for individual care from an experienced cosmetic doctor like Dr. Charles Dietzek who you can trust.

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