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4 Ways Belotero is Different Than Other Fillers

You may think all dermal fillers are the same, but nothing could be further from the truth. Each filler is specially formulated to work in different areas and for different imperfections.

One of the newer fillers available, Belotero® offers many benefits not available with other popular fillers and treatments like Juvederm®, Radiesse® or Botox®. Here’s a look at what makes this filler different and why it may be a good option for you.

How is Belotero® Different?

1. It’s great for delicate skin.

This product can be used in the delicate areas of your face where Botox® and other fillers can’t be injected safely. Those delicate lines around your eyes are perfect candidates for this hyaluronic gel. And if you have thin or sensitive skin. Belotero is thin and virtually undetectable, unlike other fillers once injected into your skin.

2. It can be used in places other than your face.

While Belotero can be used on many areas of your face, it’s also the only dermal filler that can be injected into your hands, neck, chest, or shoulders. That’s important since you experience dryness and crêping in these areas as you age. Belotero replaces lost volume and rehydrates, restoring your skin’s suppleness and elasticity.

3. It adds a finishing touch

Your cosmetic doctor can layer Belotero with other denser gels like Juvederm®. For example, the thicker gel can be injected to add volume to a deep crease and followed with Belotero near the surface of your skin to soften superficial wrinkles.

4. It’s not painful

Belotero doesn’t come premixed with lidocaine or another numbing agent, but you really don’t need one. The thin gel integrates into your tissue rather than disrupting it, so the injections aren’t painful, and the treated areas feel completely natural. However, a topical anesthetic can be prepared for you at our cosmetic center if you’re worried about how the injection will feel.

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