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3 Ways Radiesse® is Different From Other Cosmetic Treatments

What causes wrinkles? As it turns out, a number of things, from repeated movements to the effects of gravity. As you age, your body stops producing material, such as collagen, that provides support and structure to your skin, and wrinkles become even more visible. Since there are several things that cause wrinkles, several cosmetic services also treat them. One option is Radiesse, an injectable filler. What makes it different from other products, such as Juvederm® or Belotero®? A number of things.

What Makes Radiesse® Different

Different Material

Radiesse is made from a different material than other fillers available. While Belotero® and Juvederm® contain hyaluronic acid, the main ingredient in Radiesse is calcium hydroxylapatite, the same material found in human bone. Calcium hydroxylapatite is heavier than hyaluronic acid, so it’s better used in deeply set wrinkles or creases. The calcium is contained in tiny microspheres suspended in a gel solution.

Different Results

The filler also provides different results when compared to other options out there. Results are visible immediately after the treatment and can last for a year and, in some cases, longer. Treatment works in two phases. The initial phase occurs right after injection. The gel and microspheres provide an instant lift, instantly fill in lines and creases, and add volume.

After three months, the substance that was initially injected wears off. But that doesn’t mean that a patient’s results diminish. Because the calcium hydroxylapatite stimulates the production of collagen in the dermis, which gives support and lifts the skin, people typically continue to see results, even after the initial product has worn off.

Different Treatment Areas

Injectable fillers and cosmetic treatments such as BOTOX®  are often used in different areas of the face. BOTOX®, for example, treats crow’s feet, forehead lines, and frown lines near the eyebrows. Hyaluronic acid fillers can treat the nasolabial folds, lines around the lips, and, sometimes, lines near the eyes. Radiesse also treats the nasolabial folds or the smile lines between the nose and mouth. It can also be used to treat the marionette lines that run from the mouth to the chin, chin wrinkles, and folds on the jowl.

The use of Radiesse isn’t limited to the face. In 2015, the FDA approved the product for use in adding volume to the hands. When injected into the hand, the filler helps to reduce the appearance of veins and bones, helping the hands to look more youthful.

Are you ready to give Radiesse a try? Talk to a cosmetic doctor today to learn more about the injection and to see if it’s the right one for you. In New Jersey, Dr. Charles Dietzek offers Radiesse and several other cosmetic treatments at his practice’s three locations. Call 856-309-9777 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Dietzek today.

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