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3 Things to Look for When Choosing an Aesthetic Doctor

If you’re considering a non-surgical cosmetic treatment to erase years from your face, picking the right doctor is a big decision. But how do you know which aesthetic doctor is right for you?

While any doctor can technically perform these treatments, it vital find a doctor who possesses the training and skill necessary to ensure a good result.

Here are some things to ask when looking for a skin doctor.

Certificate of Competence

Doctors don’t generally learn how to perform aesthetic treatments during medical school and residencies. That’s why it’s important for doctors who provide these treatments to pursue additional specialty training to learn the required skills for cosmetic treatments. Doctors should receive certificates of competence for all the treatments they offer.

Your Level of Comfort

You should also be comfortable with the doctor who will perform the treatment. Make sure he or she takes the time to answer all your questions. You can also ask for referrals from existing patients who can vouch for the doctor’s service. And if you don’t feel comfortable, go elsewhere. It’s important you’re comfortable with your skin doctor before proceeding with any treatment.

The Clinic Setup

Make sure the aesthetic clinic is set up appropriately to conduct treatments. Some clinics don’t have the right equipment or space to give patients the attention and comfort they require during a treatment. This could indicate the clinic isn’t properly equipped to perform skin treatments. During your consultation, ask what kind of specialty equipment the clinic has that will ensure successful treatments.

Reputable aesthetic clinics offer a complimentary consultation before you schedule services. Take this opportunity to meet the aesthetic doctor and ask questions about his or her qualifications and the clinic set up.

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