October, 2017

Can Vein Problems, Like Varicose Veins, Cause Knee Pain?

October 23, 2017
by Dr. Charles Dietzek

In short, yes. Vein disease, including varicose veins, can bring on a variety of leg pain. Some of that leg pain can occur at the knee area. The only way to know for certain--and to check on your overall vein health, is by seeing our vein doctor. Our vascular surgeon specializes in vein health and offers many...  read more

How to Prevent Reticular Veins

October 17, 2017
by Dr. Charles Dietzek

Pretty much everyone has heard of varicose veins and spider veins, but did you know there’s a third type of vein that can cause similar symptoms? They’re called reticular veins, and like spider veins and varicose veins, they can be just as unsightly cause the same type of painful symptoms as larger varicose veins -- and...  read more

What is EVLT Vein Treatment?

October 12, 2017
by Dr. Charles Dietzek

Almost everybody knows someone who has suffered from varicose veins.  Fortunately, use of vein stripping as the conventional treatment for these abnormal blood vessels is a thing of the past.  One convenient vein treatment option vascular clinics now offer is endovenous laser therapy (EVLT). Vein Health Overview Vein problems such as varicose vessels, spider veins, and reticular...  read more

What is Dermaplaning vs. Microdermabrasion?

October 5, 2017
by Dr. Charles Dietzek

When you’re looking to improve the look of your skin, exfoliation is a go-to solution. But with so many types of exfoliating skin care treatments available, you might be confused as to which type is right for you and your skin. In terms of results, like smoother softer skin, glowing complexion and reduction of fine...  read more