September, 2017

What is Dermaplanning?

September 22, 2017
by Dr. Charles Dietzek

If you’ve heard of microdermabrasion, dermaplanning is similar, except that is a deeper method of skin resurfacing. It’s become a popular noninvasive cosmetic services treatment to remove facial hair and dead skin cells. It can be performed as a standalone treatment or in combination with other skin care treatments. The procedure has become quite popular...  read more

Can Sitting For Too Long Cause Vein Problems?

September 19, 2017
by Dr. Charles Dietzek

According to, an organization dedicated to raising awareness of the dangers of a sedentary life, the average American spends 12 hours per day sitting. Additionally, 3.2 million deaths per year are attributed to physical inactivity, making it the fourth leading cause of death in the world. We go from our beds to our cars, to...  read more

What are Reticular Veins?

September 15, 2017
by Dr. Charles Dietzek

This section needs to be deleted, only used for submission purposes (misspelled): Dialated Veins Sclerptherapy Reticular veins are also referred to as ‘blue veins’ or ‘feeder veins.’ This condition occurs when dilated veins allow the outgoing blood to flow the opposite direction (backward). This increase in the pressure causes the veins to become enlarged. They...  read more

How To Keep Your Veins Healthy

September 11, 2017
by Dr. Charles Dietzek

Arteries, blood vessels, and veins are all part of the circulatory system. Your circulatory system assists with the delivery of blood throughout your body. The nutrients and oxygen contained in the blood must be distributed amongst every cell and organ. For this reason, when vein problems develop, achieving optimal health is impossible. The Importance of...  read more