August, 2017

The Most Recommended Treatment for Hand Veins

August 28, 2017
by Dr. Charles Dietzek

Hand Vein Basics Have you noticed the veins on the backs of your hands growing more noticeable over the years? Are they bulging against your skin? Do they look engorged, lumpy, or just plain unattractive? For many of us, hands simply aren’t an area of the body that ages well. Our skin naturally looses elasticity...  read more

1st Annual VVI Fun Run & Walk for Healthy, Beautiful Legs

August 25, 2017
by Dr. Charles Dietzek

1st Annual VVI Fun Run & Walk for Healthy, Beautiful Legs VVI Fun Run & Walk for Healthy, Beautiful Legs is to support research, education, and venous disease awareness through the American College of Phlebology Foundation (ACPF) and the American Venous Forum Foundation (AVFF). Registration is at 10:00am. Walk/Run will begin at 10:30am. 5k distance....  read more

Reticular Veins: What They Are

August 23, 2017
by Dr. Charles Dietzek

Just about everyone has heard of spider veins and varicose veins, but reticular veins? What are they? By size, reticular veins fall between the very small spider veins and larger varicose veins. And like their larger and smaller “cousins,” they can bulge and malfunction as a result of age, obesity, menopause, genetics and other factors....  read more

Treatment Options for Varicose Veins

August 13, 2017
by Dr. Charles Dietzek

Varicose veins have been around since Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, recommended using tight bandages to compress the swollen veins. Although compression (with special elastic stockings these days) is still one of the treatments for varicose veins, today there are other options, such as those offered by Dr. Charles Dietzik, of the Vein and...  read more

Choosing Cosmetic Services

August 7, 2017
by Dr. Charles Dietzek

You might not think of your skin as an organ like the heart and liver, but that's what it is. While protecting you from infections and performing other important tasks, your skin can take a beating from sun, weather, dry environments and the aging process. As the glow diminishes, you may be considering cosmetic services,...  read more