June, 2014

Cosmetic Surgery May Help Boost Your Career

June 23, 2014
by Dr. Charles Dietzek
Upload: June 17, 2014

Growing old gracefully has become a thing of the past. Studies prove that beauty sells, which is why the beauty industry continues to thrive. As executives that are more youthful begin to move up the career ladder, male and female professionals in their mid-forties tend to become more critical about the way they look. Some...  read more

These vitamins can prevent varicose vein surgery

June 16, 2014
by Dr. Charles Dietzek

Getting older means our bodies have lots of changes to adjust to, and some of those changes can affect the circulatory system. As we age, the tiny valves within our blood vessels can become damaged, causing blood flow to become sluggish and eventually resulting in varicose veins or other circulatory problems. While regular exercise and...  read more