Yvonne C. - Venefit™ Procedure

Patient Name: Yvonne C.
Occupation: Factory Worker
Procedure Date: September 2006
Discussion Date: January 22, 2007
Physician: Charles Dietzek, D.O., FACOS

“I noticed improvement in my symptoms almost right away!”

Before she saw Dr. Dietzek, Yvonne said she had varicose veins that would swell. She is a factory worker and needs to be on her legs all day. She wore support stockings to help with the swelling, but at the end of the day she would still experience heaviness in her legs.

Dr. Dietzek performed the VNUS Closure® procedure on Yvonne for her venous insufficiency. She explains that the procedure didn’t take long and that she didn’t experience any pain during the treatment.

Yvonne informs that Dr. Dietzek said she could return to normal activities, but since it was the weekend, she ended up taking it easy, even though she felt it wasn’t necessary.

Yvonne says she noticed improvement in her symptoms almost right away. She adds that she doesn’t experience anymore heaviness in her legs after her shift at work. Also, she notes that the protruding of veins in her legs have gone down considerably.

*These testimonials are based on individual experience. Outcomes may vary depending on a person’s particular condition and circumstances.